Autodesk Certifications
Autodesk CertificationAutodesk
Autodesk Exams
3DSMax10-A - 3ds Max Design 2010 Certified Associate
3DSMax12-A - 3ds Max 2012 Certified Associate
3DSMaxD11-A - 3ds Max Design 2011 Certified Associate
ACA09-A - AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Certified Associate
ACAD09-A - AutoCAD 2009 Certified Associate
ACAD10-A - AutoCAD 2010 Certified Associate
ACAD10-A-DEU - AutoCAD 2010 Certified Associate - German
ACAD10-A-PTB - AutoCAD 2010 Certified Associate - Brazilian Portuguese
ACAD11-A - AutoCAD 2011 Certified Associate
ACAD12-A - AutoCAD 2012 Certified Associate
C3D09-A - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 Certified Associate
C3D10-A - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 Certified Associate
C3D11-A - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Certified Associate
C3D12-A - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Certified Associate
INV09-A - Inventor 2009 Certified Associate
INV10-A - Inventor 2010 Certified Associate
INV10-A-DEU - Inventor 2010 Certified Associate - German
INV10-A-PTB - Inventor 2010 Certified Associate - Brazilian PortugueseBrazilian
INV11-A - Inventor 2011 Certified Associate
INV11-A-DEU - Inventor 2011 Certified Associate - German
INV11-A-LAS - Inventor 2011 Certified Associate - Latin American Spanish
INV11-A-PTB - Inventor 2011 Certified Associate - Brazilian Portuguese
INV12-A - Inventor 2012 Certified Associate
MAYA11_A - Maya 2011 Certified Associate
Maya12_A - Maya 2012 Certified Associate
RVTA09-A - Revit Architecture 2009 Certified Associate
RVTA10-A - Revit Architecture 2010 Certified Associate
RVTA10-A-DEU - Revit Architecture 2010 Certified Associate - German
RVTA10-A-PTB - Revit Architecture 2010 Certified Associate - Brazilian Portuguese
RVTA11-A - Revit Architecture 2011 Certified Associate
RVTA12-A - Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Associate

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